Block A Hikers

Dr. Albert Chau (left), HKU’s Dean of Student Affairs, joins Block A’s Horatius Li, Dr. Arielle Emmett, and student hikers.

Bright and early Saturday morning Sept 7, after the clouds and flogging rain had cleared, the intrepid Shun Hing College (Block A) leader Horatius “Horace” Li led a group of approximately 35 hikers up the winding trail from HKU’s campus to Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong island.

A View of Cyberport and the reservoir

A view of Hong Kong’s Cyberport, a massive reservoir, and outlying fingers of land

The first 45 minutes of the trip separated the gung-ho, super-fit hikers from the casual ones who were fighting fatigue and exploding lungs.  But eventually, we joined up at the waterfall (which Horace says usually flows after heavy rains only), having passed lush green vistas and a view of Cyberport and the Pok Fu Lam reservoir, part of HK’s southern district sloping down to Telegraphy Bay.

En route to the Peak, we met a very fit Dr. Albert Chau, Dean of Student Affairs, who we believe was running up the mountain.  After some photo ops and a few moments to rest and regroup, the “Class S” (slow group)  finished the climb and met up for lunch at the Peak and an exploration of Victoria Gardens.  All were rewarded with spectacular views of Hong Kong’s emerald necklace of islands.

Overall a great day and a long winding trip down!