Hong Kong is a place full of entertainment and a city that never stops, but how often would we experience the extraordinary side of the Hong Kong country parks? As young and enthusiastic hikers, we are very excited to introduce Residential College residents to possibly one of the most popular “hidden” activity in Hong Kong! Don’t worry for those who are new hikers, our college hiking team purposefully chose some easy, yet beautiful trails for the start of this unstoppable journey!

Check out our previous hike to The Peak and Dragon’s Back!

If you are interested in joining us at future hikes, please don’t hesitate and join our hiking club!


Residents will gather in the 4/F podium of RC on the event date. Participants will have to arrange for their own travelling expenses, food and drinks for the hike. We will dismiss at the ending point of the hiking trail. However, the organizers will initiate some optional social gatherings for the hikers to join, e.g. having local food, travelling back to Residential College together.

If you have any enquiries, please contact Karina at karinak@hku.hk or Jance at janiceso@hku.hk. We will be very glad to answer your questions and we are looking forward to see you at our next hike!


This group photo of Shun Hing College hikers hiking at Dragon’s Back. The background of the photo shows the view of Shek O beach.


The beautiful Shek O trail illustrates the mountains of Dragon’s Back.


The background is Shek O beach although the weather is pretty misty.


Shun Hing College hikers at Harlech road! We are almost at The Peak!


We also saw many puppies on the way to The Peak.


It was really cold on the day! So we gave in and took The Peak Tram back to Central! Look at our curious hiker taking photos.