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Enjoying themselves onstage and behind the microphone, two remnants of British Hong Kong continue to ‘go west’! From colonialism to a ‘prosperous’ handover; in an age where values waver and the currents of almighty China become evermore confusing, how does one carry oneself and find one’s cultural destiny?


About the speakers:

Anthony Wong Yiu-ming 黃耀明

Chairman of Renaissance Foundation and founding member of Big Love Alliance. A renowned singer, composer, producer and a cultural icon of the Greater China Region. Winner of numerous music awards across the China Straits, including “the Cantonese Album of the Decade”.

Brian Leung Siu Fai 梁兆輝

Veteran and renowned broadcaster for over 20 years. Worked in all three local stations in HK as senior program producer and channel music director. He is currently the core member & appointed Chief Campaigner of Big Love Alliance, a newly established NGO in the fight for LGBT rights against discrimination.

Date: Thursday 24th October, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Venue: College Hall, HKU Residential Colleges

This talk will be conducted in Cantonese. Reserve your seat NOW HERE!