Round I Admission (15-16 admission closed, mechanism can be found HERE, results can be found HERE)

Who can apply

  1. Current residents in residential halls seeking re-admission to the same hall; or
  2. Current residents in residential halls seeking admission to another hall; or
  3. Students returning from exchange who had been residing in a residential hall immediately prior to exchange

Round II Admission (15-16 admission closed)

Who can apply

Current students who have no prior hall experience

How to apply

To start the online application, you have to launch the web browser and access online application system via the HKU Portal ( Once you are in the portal, follow the procedures below:

select “SIS Menu” -> select “On-line application” -> select “Application for Resident Hall” and the appropriate application form according to your current personal particulars and intended status in the coming academic year will be displayed.

During the application period, you can return to your saved application form to make amendment or cancel an application before you finalise and submit the application.

In order for your application to be considered by the halls, you must finalise and submit it within the relevant application period stated above.