Tai Chi for Beginners

A series of Tai Chi Quan courses will be available in Shun Hing College from next Monday to the end of the semester. The first course, Tai Chi Quan for Beginners, is designed to introduce the twenty-four basic forms of practicing the simplified Tai Chi Chuan. It runs in everyday morning from 26 Oct to 8 Nov, 2015 for 14 sessions.

Join the Postgraduate Students Club Coordinating Group

As part of our effort to create a community of vibrant scholars in our College, the ‘Postgraduate Scholars Club’ has been formed. This club is meant to create avenues and platforms for our postgraduate residents, through which they will be able to learn, acquire and develop essential skills that are crucial for a successful and smooth sailing PG life. These programs would include seminars, sharing sessions and interactive programs that are designed to meet the needs of our resident PGs.

Meet our Guests in the Second High Table Dinner 15-16

Shun Hing College Airsoft Club (SH Marksmen)

What is Airsoft Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents with replica airsoft (BB) guns. Game modes include Team Deathmatch, free-for-all, Capture the Flag, Hostage Rescue, King of the Hill, etc., with increasingly popular variants including the...

Shun Hing College Swimming Club

Shun Hing College Swimming Club is a group of professional swimmers and amateurs who love the sport. We have regular training on Sunday afternoons. However, unlike other hall teams, we are just swimming for fun! No matches and no harsh training. All you have to do is...
Shun Hing College Badminton Club

Shun Hing College Badminton Club

Shun Hing College Badminton Club welcomes player of different levels of badminton skills and studies as long as you enjoy yourself. We offer free and regular badminton practice sessions. Sign up at the link below and check out our events! Registration:...
Shun Hing College Schola Cantorum Mass Recruitment

Shun Hing College Schola Cantorum Mass Recruitment

The Shun Hing College Schola Cantorum is the best place for you to express yourself whilst making awesome friends! We are an award-winning, mixed-voice chamber choir with a wide range of performance opportunities including Concerts, High Table Dinners, among other cultural events.