Shun Hing College Book Club

All Shun Hing College residents can borrow from our library for free!

The Shun Hing Book Club is a club wherein people can discuss their ideas, their thoughts on books that they have decided to read/have already read. The club will also organize a Movie Night regularly followed by discussions on the movie. The club offers you a chance to watch interesting movies and have discussions on them with your friends. The Book Club will also organize discussions, debates and presentations on current affairs and interesting topics. The Book Club is a perfect club to join to meet people with similar interests, diverse backgrounds, improve your knowledge, make contacts and most importantly have FUN!

The Library is located at the 4th floor’s lobby. All residents of Shun Hing College can use their very own facility to borrow books  that they wish to read. Residents can borrow books at a time for a time period of 2 weeks, but they must  remember to fill in the logbook on the bookshelf before they go. If they would like to renew their book after 2 weeks, they must fill out the logbook again. After they have read the book, they must return it back to the shelf (according to the order of the label) and check the book in by signing the last column of the logbook.

Tutors in Charge

Prince (

John (

Student Organizers

Recruiting now! Please contact the tutors in charge!


Borrowing Rules

  1. Please fill in the logbook at the security counter every time you borrow or return the book/item;
  2. The loan period of each book/item is TWO WEEKS, you can renew it by re-filling the logbook;
  3. Each resident can only borrow TWO books/items at a time;
  4. When returning the book/item, please place it back at the original position of the shelf where you found it;
  5. Books must not be damaged, including broken pages, writing or highlighting;
  6. If the book is lost, a fine of $150 will be charged;
  7. If the book is damaged, a fine of $25 will be charged;
  8. Instead of paying the fine, the resident can donate a book on the recommended books list to the library.

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