A history is in the making!

On March 20, 2013, the Lung Wah Chinese Folk Music Band (龍華中國民樂團), HKU’s first band of such kind was founded in the Residential Colleges Block A! Joined by Master Professor Ying Chan and Deputy Master Zhu Tao, the Band decided on its name and selected Stephen Zhao Tianqi as the Band Conductor and Winnie Wei Jihan as the Band Coordinator.

Band members attending the founding meeting came from all four Blocks, including Tong Tong, Lin Zhi Xin, YaNa Naitian, Cai Yun Hui, Chung Ming Long, Janson L, Chen Xiao Ou, Wei Jihan, Wan Zheng Zheng, Li Ying Chia and Zhao Tianqi.

The Band had its first rehearsal on March 23. It also presented its premiere performance on April 6 at the 1st International Music Festival at the Colleges organized by Block A, bringing together residents from all blocks.

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