Brief History

The Residential Colleges Choir (RC Choir) was formed in early October 2012 in the hopes of fulfilling performance requests for events from within and beyond Residential Colleges. Endorsed by tutor of Shun Hing College (Block A), Dr. Michael M. Manio, the group was led by Francesco Mattioli Della Rocca and Elaine Hunter.

The founding members represented the choir in the very first high table dinner for Block B at Loke Yew Hall. It continued its success in Shun Hing College (Block A)’s high table dinner on November 18, 2012. The The now larger group is capable to pull off impressive performances in various occasions.


Expansion & Collaboration with Band

With the support of the college, the existing members decided to expand the membership across all four blocks by holding auditions for residents in the RC. From the auditions, the choir received an outstanding response and successfully accepted 30 new members. With frequent and productive rehearsals, the choir has prepared for the largest scale event by far – the 1st International Music Festival. To further promote the events and uplift standards, the RC Choir decided to collaborate with the RC Band which consists of 4 Malaysian members.

1st International Music Festival

The 1st International Music Festival was held at the Residential Colleges on April 6, 2013 to celebrate the high spirit and cultural diversity of its community. The Festival featured performances from the RC Choir with members coming from different parts the world and across the four blocks, A, B, C, and D of the Residential Colleges. It also presented the premiere performance of HKU’s first Chinese Folk Music Band, founded in Shun Hing College (Block A) of the Residential Colleges, as well as guest performances in singing and dance.


Merge and Further Development

Shortly after the successful International Music Festival, the choir decided to merge and further collaborate with the band for future events. The group is now known as RC Choir/Band. In the academic year 2013-2014, the RC Choir/Band held another round of auditions that lasted for three days to further expand the group and recruit talent. Out of 72 applicants, 39 has proudly become new members of the Residential Colleges Choir.

From now, with the larger RC Choir/Band, the group and members aim to fulfil more large scale performances such as future high table dinners of all blocks and other HKU events.