Date: March 4, 2014

Time: 9:00-10:15 PM

Location: Room A 403

Purpose of the meeting: Introducing proposed Shun Hing College Re-admission mechanism to current Block A residents and seeking for their inputs and suggestions.

Attendance: Professor Ying Chan (Master), Ms Bernadette Tsui (From DAAO), Mr Tao Zhu (Deputy Master), Frank Zhu(Senior Tutor), Michael Manio (Tutor), Mexin Zhu (Tutor), Tom Gunawan (Tutor), Melody Shum (Tutor), Susan Yang (Honorary Tutor), Mandy Kwok (Honorary Tutor), Evelyn Li (Honorary Tutor). 72 Shun Hing College residents.

Minutes Taken By: Evelyn Li


Agenda 1: Introduction of Proposed Shun Hing College Re-admission Mechanism-By Frank

Introduction of Shun Hing College re-admission committee, reasons for re-admission, application procedures, proposed selection criteria and selection procedures, etc. (download PPT HERE)


Agenda 2: Q and A

Q1. Since students’ GPA can be quite different from faculty to faculty. How can Shun Hing College Re-admission Committee judge that?

A: GPA is just a way to show applicant’s academic distinction. Applicants can decide whether to provide his or her GPA to the Re-admission Committee for reference. Re-admission Committee will take into consideration all the academic merits provided by the applicants as a whole and combine all the other criteria during its decision-making process.


Q2: Peer review: Since PGs and UGs have different schedules, they might not communicate and interact with each other very often. Besides, floors reps might have bias when reviewing their floor mates.

A: PGs and UGs just compete among themselves. If one has strong objection to others’ residence in Shun Hing College during 2014-2015 academic year, he or she should give comment on them and provide specific reasons (by Master). If an applicant gets a lot of  Nos from his or her floor mates, tutors will be involved to check whether there is bias. Re-admission Committee will only take the peer review results for reference and interview those marginal residents if necessary.


Q3: Are contributions to the RC compulsory?

A: Contributions to the RC are not compulsory (By Tao). However, students are encouraged to make contributions to the RC to show their appreciation of what RC has provided to all the residents (By Master).


Q4: Can successful applicant stay in the same room?

A: We will do our best to keep successful applicants stay in the same room. All PGs will have priority for a single room unless they do not want one. 2nd year UGs should have a double room. Shun Hing College will have more pure PG floors in the 2014-2015 academic year. (By Master)


Q5: Does Block A Re-admission Committee set specific scores for each criteria?

A: Re-admission Committee does not set specific score for each category of criteria. All the criteria will be taken for reference. Interviews will be conducted on marginal applicants. The final decision will be made by the Master.


Q6: What is the ratio of UGs and PGs?

A: Accurate quota of current and future UGs and PGs has not been released. It might be released in late March. Governors Committee will decide the quota for current and future PGs and UGs. The ratio of PGs and UGs might be 1:1.


Q7: Should students who just moved in apply as well?

A: Students who moved in after Feb still need to go through the whole application and selection procedure. They should provide their move-in dates, and the Re-admission Committee will take that into consideration.


Q8: Should peer review be conducted by all floor mates, reps and tutors? Will Re-admission Committee simply take the results of peer review for reference? (Asked by Tao)

A: Students should write down specific comment, if they strongly object to their floor mates’ stay in Shun Hing College during 2014-2015 academic year. Shun Hing College Re-admission Committee will only take the peer review results for reference. Students are encouraged to think about it and give some comment or suggestions by sending emails to by this Friday (March 7, 2014).



If students have other comments or suggestions, they can send emails to by this Friday (March 7, 2014). Students can get updates via email or our Face Book page