Shun Hing College Dental Team

The Shun Hing College Dental Team was founded by a group of undergraduate dentistry students in 2018. Our team is passionate in educating the public on oral health knowledge and promoting the importance of effective oral hygiene practices in the form of interactive community outreaches and in-college talks.

In the past, we have held several educational presentations and engaging talks on topics such as ‘What is Teeth Whitening’ and ‘If or When We Should Extract Our Wisdom Teeth’ and so on. In our engaging Q+A sessions, we love to unravel interesting dental myths such as does using more toothpaste make our teeth cleaner, or whether electric toothbrushes superior, and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what topics you want to hear from us next!

Tutor in Charge

Nicolas Lai (


Team Representatives

Sung Won Bae (
Candy Wong Wai Ling (