1. Introduction


Shun Hing College Football team of JCSV III Residential Colleges on Lung Wah Street has organized football training since as early as the foundation of Residential Colleges. We are from different countries around the world who are all strongly fond of football and enjoy every time of training with passion and teamwork. Shun Hing College football team has also attracted people from other blocks in RC and halls, and becoming a more universal football club. We are carrying out only one sole goal with different nationalities – establishing friendship with each other when enjoying football, much more than victory in games.

Football is a global language applied by people from different cultures and backgrounds to communicate and it promotes harmony – We play together, laugh together, and cry together; we cheer for it, dream for it, and live for it. The sense of sports that is being weaved in the Shun Hing culture strengthens the friendship and the community. The team is trying its best to progress into something much greater than a mere sports team.

  1. Mission Statement

The Shun Hing College Football Team dedicates to embrace all football lovers, no matter girls and boys, in Shun Hing College, provides a great opportunity for them to play together, communicate with and support each other through the weekly practices. We fight for the champion in the football season of JCSV III Residential Colleges every year and also play friendly games with other hall teams, with an emphasis on safety and friendly relationships with our friends from other colleges and halls.

  1. Tutor in Charge

George Liu (

  1. Captains

Yan Yongliang (Harry) (

Wang Xiaolu (

Shivansh Mittal (

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  1. Registration

  1. Awards


The Champion in the Football Season of Jockey Club Student Village III.


The silver medal winner in the Football Season of Jockey Club Student Village III.