Student Lounge (pantry)

Air conditioner

  • Close ALL windows when the AC is in use
  • Turn off the AC when you are the last person to leave the Student Lounge (pantry)

 Cooking utensils

  • Clean all cooking utensils IMMEDIATELY after use. Place them back to their proper places in the cabinet

Waste and garbage

  • Put organic and non-recyclable waste in the bin or Big Rubbish Bin outside 4/F lobby
  • Do not leave food or other waste in any common areas such as inside the sink and on the table and floor
  • Put recyclable waste in the proper containers on your floor or 4/F lift lobby
  • Keep the common facilities and spaces including but not limited to tables, chairs and floor of the Student Lounge (pantry) clean and tidy. Remember to use cleaning tools such as brooms, towels and mops are available inside the Student Lounge (pantry) and washroom to restore the hygienic condition when necessary

Electric cooking plates and the sink

  • Turn off the switch of the plate AND the main switch on the wall
  • Clean and restore the cooking plates and the sink to hygienic condition each time after use
  • NEVER leave food scraps in the sink


  • Do not take up too much refrigerator space (For example, do not put all of your soft drinks into the refrigerator at the same time)
  • Do not place food that are not necessary to keep cooling in the refrigerator
  • Always cover your food. Put your food in plastic containers or paper or plastic wraps. Mark your name, room number, and the date you put food into the refrigerator on the surface of such containers or wrapping
  • Respect other people’s property ownership. Do not remove food items that don’t belong to you
  • Remove unusable food that are more than a week’s old. College staff/ Floor coordinators/ Tutors will have the option to remove expired or outdated food without prior notice to the owner due to public health and hygiene considerations

Lighting and television set

  • Turn off the lights and the TV when you are the last person to leave the Student Lounge (pantry)


  • Use only whiteboard marker to write on the white board
  • Never use oil-based markers. Check your marker type before using

Bathroom and washroom

  • Flush the toilet and wash your hands thoroughly each time after use
  • Place all personal items inside your own cabinet
  • Always clean the basin and remove the water around the basin each time after use
  • Do not use the Hand-drying machine after 11 pm

Bedroom and corridor

  • Maintain your bedroom’s hygienic condition properly and avoid causing hygienic irritation to others
  • Close the door(s) gently and lightly to minimize the noise and nuisance to others.
  • Do not place any personal items in common areas including but not limited to the Student Lounge (pantry) and the corridor
  • Personal items found in common areas will be removed without prior notice
  • No phone call in the corridor during 11pm-8am
  • No refund of lodging fee for early withdrawal
  • Clean the bedroom and restore it to the original condition upon checking out
  • No smoking in Residential Colleges