As my family moved a lot since I was very young, I had many chances to meet different people from all around the world. I am from South Korea, and I’ve lived in the US, New Zealand, and Indonesia before I came to Hong Kong. I enjoyed the process of moving to new places, but at the same time, I found it somewhat hard to maintain a close friendship for a long time, because of my frequent moving. Often times I felt lonely because the changing environment wouldn’t usually allow me to deepen my friendship above a certain level. However, after staying in Hong Kong for almost four years, now I can find the true treasure of friendship. Despite the differences in culture and language, I got to make many close friends, and I am happy about it. I’m not sure where I will be staying in next 10 years, but I hope I can keep exploring around the world and meet new people. I treasure every single moment of my life journey, and Hong Kong takes a huge part of it.