Typhoon Usagi called 'Worst storm in Hong Kong in Past 34 years' -- STAY INSIDE

Typhoon Usagi called ‘Worst storm in Hong Kong in Past 34 years’ — “STAY INSIDE BLOCK A TONIGHT!” SAYS MASTER YING CHAN.

You can sing and jam to the most powerful typhoon of the year.  We are expecting a Hong Kong landfall later this evening.  Typhoon could exceed “8” (SEVERE), with flooding, wind gusts exceeding 126 mph, and lots of flying debris (including construction materials, traffic lights and witches’ brooms).

Block A students should stock up on water and food early, but STAY INSIDE THE BUILDING LATER THIS AFTERNOON as the winds pick up.

Typhoon Usagi had gusts exceeding 163 mph this morning as it battered island communities in the Luzon Strait, according to the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

China’s National Meteorological Centre announced a red alert, its highest level, as the storm maintained its track toward Hong Kong and the manufacturing heartland of the Pearl River Delta.


There will be a music/choir jamming session this afternoon 5 pm -10 pm for all those Block A students who want to “rock with USAGI.”  On 3rd floor (Multifunction room) with Michael Manio and his CHOIR.  JOIN US for the TYPHOON SING-A-LONG!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2427870/Typhoon-Usagi-bears-Hong-Kong-China-braces-years-powerful-storm.html#ixzz2favt65fK