Dear Students,

Block A is getting a real name, finally! I am pleased to share with you the news that late afternoon today, the University Council voted that Block A will be named Shun Hing College with immediate effect.  The Chinese characters of Shun Hing consist of “信興”, meaning “integrity” and “prosperity.”

In its decision, the Council recognizes the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund for its generous gift to the University which will support HKU development and learning opportunities across the university.  Mr. David Mong, Vice-Chairman of the Shun Hing Group, whom many of you have met, shares our vision of building our College into an inclusive community of caring citizens and budding scholars.

Today’s naming also recognizes the Mong family for its long tradition of giving, and the late Dr. William Mong, noted entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Founder of the Shun Hing Group.  For more than two decades, the Mong family has supported numerous teaching and research initiatives at HKU and at other local, mainland and overseas universities, as well as a wide range of community projects.

Finally, the compound of the four residential colleges has been named Jockey Club Student Village III to mark the contributions of the Jockey Club to the creation of the complex.  In conjunction with our three sister Residential Colleges, we are creating a unique community of learning and living at HKU.  I look forward to working with all of you to take Shun Hing College upward and foreword, for prosperity and integrity.

With very best regards,

Professor Yuen Ying Chan
Master, Shun Hing College