Big thanks again to all of the SHC fellas and students who have joined us last Sunday at the Airsoft Day Zero event! Allow me to write a short memoir of the games that we’ve had.

In the different rounds of airsoft games that we played at the W28 center, there were team deathmatches, VIP escorts, and capture-the-flag. As we divided ourselves into two teams (A, B) and went through the matches, different participants fought in different combat styles, including the “all-out Rambo”, who killed the most and probably got killed the most, “CQC masters”, who bingoed more people than they have shot, “laid-back marksmen”, who avoided the front line and picked people off at a distance, and the “you-move-up-I-will-cover-your-rear-type” who stayed at the back and watched our six.

Regardless of playstyles, shooters displayed remarkable management and organization skills, and succeeded in attacking the opposing team with fluidly executed strategies. Two of the most memorable games were the flawless elimination at the car map, during which team A eliminated team B without any casualties as they slowly pushed forward and surrounded the survivors, and the successful flag capture at the last map by team B, during which the two buildings at the sides of the map were successfully cleared and defended to provide suppressive fire for the flag runner to return the flag. After all, it was a good day where new friendships were made.

The next game will be coming in approximately a month’s time when the temperature is even more favourable for outdoor games. Please stay tuned and join us in future events! For inquiries, feel free to contact me at

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SHC Marksmen