When it comes to mobile apps, most of us are pretty tech savvy and have an app for almost every aspect of our life, be it food or transportation. Yet, there are some apps which are not that popular, yet incredibly helpful. If you are going to be glued to your mobile, then you might as well try these apps and make your life easier!

1. Eatigo

When it comes to eating out, the best app is by far Eatigo. It offers up to 50% discount on almost every restaurant listed. There are over 400+ restaurants from all around Hong Kong, so if you ever feel the need to eat out, do check this out.

Quick Tip – Combine this with OpenRice to find trustworthy reviews of the restaurants and your next eating out experience is set to be perfect.

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2. Citymapper

The best app to get around Hong Kong is undoubtedly Google Maps, yet – it often doesn’t list all the bus or public transportation routes. This is where Citymapper comes in. With an updated list of all the bus timings, use this app to get from one place to another. Moreover, it also has a neat feature where you can get a notification when it’s time to get off the bus. This is particularly helpful if you are on a long journey.


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3. Mobile Businfo

While we are talking about getting around Hong Kong, this app is a must-have on everyone’s mobile. Why? Because it shows accurate timings for every bus in Hong Kong, and it even works offline. With almost no advertisements – this app is perfect if you are the going out kind.

Quick Tip – Install HKU Shuttle Bus app too for cheaper buses from one HKU location to another.

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4. Octopus

If your mobile phone has NFC (Near Field Contact), then this app is a lifesaver. You can scan your Octopus card quickly to find out the remaining balance, and even transfer money from one card to another with a quick tap of your mobile. Moreover, using this app you can also pay online.

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5. Honestbee

Too tired to go out and shop or eat? This is where Honestbee comes in. The app offers on-demand delivery for groceries or food. Although there is a minimum order amount, if you want something delivered to your dorm – this app does it quite neatly.

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