Dear Residents, 

As you may already know, the University Council has approved the naming of the four colleges – Shun Hing College (formerly Block A), Chi Sun College (formerly Block B), Lap-Chee College (formerly Block C) and New College (formerly Block D) in Jockey Club Student Village III (formerly HKU Residential Colleges).

The official e-mail address of Jockey Club Student Village III is All enquiries to the General Office shall be sent to this address with immediate effect. Other e-mails to the individual colleges can be sent to the following addresses:


Shun Hing College (formerly Block A) –

Chi Sun College (formerly Block B) –

Lap-Chee College (formerly Block C) –

New College (formerly Block D) –


The following new postal address format becomes valid with immediate effect:


Room (Number + A/B[if applicable]), XX College

Jockey Club Student Village III, The University of Hong Kong,

9 Lung Wah Street,

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


The current address format is still valid until the start of the residential year 2014-15, by which new address proofs will be issued to all residents. You can also obtain new address proofs ahead of time by making a request to the General Office. Residents are advised to inform their service providers (e.g. bank, telecommunication service providers, etc.) upon receipt of the new address proofs.

Should there be any enquiries, please contact us at


General Office

Jockey Club Student Village III