Students seeking for re-admission to Shun Hing College in the academic year 2014-15 are now invited to submit the internal re-admission applications.

Following students are eligible to apply:

(1)         Current Shun Hing College residents, including those who will be on exchange in 2014-15.

(2)         Former Shun Hing College residents returning from exchange.

Please click here for the re-admission mechanism of Shun Hing College this year. All re-admission applications will be processed by the Admission Committee of Shun Hing College. The Committee members consist of deputy master, senior tutor, all tutors, and two student representatives. Applicants may be invited for an interview.


1.          To complete the re-admission application, students must also submit the Round I admission application to CEDARS. Details to be announced in due course.

2.          Students who do not submit application for either the Internal Re-admission or Round I Admission will NOT be considered by the Admission Committee.

3.          Important Dates:

Internal Re-admission Application:            April 7 (10:00) – April 14 (23:59)

Round 1 Admission Application:                 April 11 (10:00) – April 22 (23:59)

Interview Period:                                        April 23 – April 30

Result Announcement:                                May 23

Appeal Period:                                            May 23 – 26

Deadline for Acceptance of Offer:             May 30

Result Announcement for Appeal:              June 3

4.          Late applications or acceptance of offer will NOT be accepted.

5.          The residential period for 2014-15 shall be a total of 282 nights from Aug 23, 2014 to June 1, 2015.  There is an expected increment of around 5% to the lodging fees, which is subject to further approval from the University.

Please click here for the internal re-admission application form for Shun Hing College. The deadline for submission is 23:59 on April 14 (Monday). Should there be any enquiries, please contact your Resident Tutors, or send email to