IMG_4730It’s Christmas time, and our choir has been enlivening our neighbourhood. They sang at Block A, and they are now singing on the streets of Kennedy town.

“The main idea was reaching out with our neighbours through music,” says Block A Tutor Dr. Michael Manio, founder of the RC choir.

Initially, in the busy streets of Kennedy Town, they had trouble finding a good spot to sing. Hardly a surprise, since a lot of us are new to the area. After a couple of minutes of ‘sight-seeing’, they managed to find a place on Belcher’s Street just outside the KFC.

Their performances started with an introduction by Dominic, who sang White Christmas. He was later joined by Jasper with his guitar to sing Feliz Navidad. Finally, the whole choir joins to sing Silent Night and Winter Wonderland.

The performance turned a lot of heads since it was just at the time when people were returning from work. Passers by and people on buses were looking out to see what was going on.

They also performed outside Kwun Lung Lau where they caught the eyes of the residents who were socialising at the communal park by the benches.


“We attracted a lot of attention, and some people even approached us,” says Yeji Park, one of the choir members from Block A.

Several passers walked by and were curious about the performance. Our choir members greeted them with ‘Merry Christmas’ and introduced them about the Residential Colleges and the Choir.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the people of Kennedy Town to learn about and interact with the Residential Colleges residents.

The RC Choir has performed in various events at the Residential Colleges. They perform regularly in the weekly Chorus music event at the lobby of Block A. They have also performed recently at the second High Table dinner of Block A. They will engage the Kennedy town community again at the annual International Music Festival in the coming spring semester.