Welcome to the college!  

Our Shun Hing College’s The Love Your Neighbour Club is going to organize a 6-Week Free-of-charge Weekend Ukulele/Guitar Course for you to discover more about the Ukulele/Guitar music by learning some basic music-playing knowledge and techniques.

In order to arrange a course that can best fit your participation, the tentative course details are as follows for collecting your valuable views:

  • Which type of music course (either Ukulele or Guitar) do you prefer to learn and
  • When will these classes be preferably held from your viewpoint (either on Saturdays (Tentative 17, 24, 31 Oct & 7, 14, 21 Nov 2015 starting from 3 pm to 4 pm) or on Sundays (Tentative 18, 25 Oct & 1, 8, 15, 22 Nov 2015 starting from 3 pm to 4 pm)) once/if you wish to be one of the participating music players together.

Our Music Playland will be in Shun Hall College’s Room 304 Activity Room. The Class Size will be 6-8 persons with small-class quality-oriented music teaching and practices.

  • Please note that subject to this Enrollment Result by 28th September 2015 (Monday), we shall finalize the details of Ukulele/Guitar Course.
  • We shall notify the successful participants for their successful selection to this free-of-charge course in due course.
  • Participants should own and bring along their own Ukulele/Guitar to attend the classes.
  • 80% class attendance is expected and required for enabling you to gain the best benefits.
  • Six-session classes can provide a basic teaching of Guitar. The same amount of teaching time can provide a relatively more advanced teaching of Ukulele. 

How to Register

Register *HERE* Now or by 28th September 2015 Monday and we will contact you soon for classes.


For any inquiry, please contact Alfred LAU (lcy27@connect.hku.hk) or Ernest LEE (ernest83@hku.hk).