Dear Shun Hing College students,

Commiserations to you all for the end of summer and your lovely long holiday. However we’ve missed you and are glad to see everyone back at uni and in the college again!

For those who’ve been with us for a while, you know that Shun Hing has lots of awesome activities for students throughout the semester, with our sports teams being the staples of the college. If you haven’t checked out the teams on offer and what they get up to, why not take a peek? They have brand new photos and videos of their recent activities to lure you in!

For those who’ve just joined us, there’s no time to dither. Take advantage of hall life and go do EVERYTHING! Talk to our tutors, your fellow floor mates, and any team captain you can get a hold of: they’ll tell you all about what you can get up to with any one of our sports teams. All you have to do is register and your semester will practically be guaranteed to rock (not legally guaranteed).


Airsoft Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/airsoft/)

Badminton Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/badminton/)

Basketball Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/basketball/)

Dragon Boat Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/dragon/)

Fitness Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/fitness/)

Football Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/football/)

Swimming Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/swimming/)

Table Tennis Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/tabletennis/)

Tennis Club (https://shunhingcollege.hku.hk/tennis/)

We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Should you have any enquiries, please contact students in charge of respective clubs.

Best regards,
Shun Hing College Sports Team