Yuan Hui (right) and Huang Jin (left) singing at the 2nd high table dinner of the Residential Colleges, Shun HIng College

The second high table dinner of the Shun Hing College came to an end on November 23, 2013, which left the choir performances as the highlight in our memories.

To make the song The Prayer a success, vocals Yuan Hui (Medicine, PHD) and Huang Jin (BSocSc, Year2), together with their band, devoted themselves to enhancing their performing skills before many residents had even heard of the high table dinner. “We started practicing this song as soon as we joined the Residential Colleges Choir – it has been nearly two months,” Yuan said. “During the two months, we got together to practice every week. We intended to perform in the first high table dinner. However, it didn’t work out due to the tight schedule and lack of instruments. It’s a pity. Yet, we feel very happy to perform this time,” Huang said.

Although the two-month training seemed like a long process, they both enjoyed it and appreciated the experience. “Everyone felt happy when practicing, and my team mates were really patient to me. Every time I had problems with pronunciations, they would correct me in no time,” Huang said.

Yuan also said that not only did he make quite a few friends thanks to this activity, but also learnt a lot from them. “In the beginning, not everything went on smoothly, and I felt a little discouraged. Fortunately, things turned out to be just fine, and I gradually caught up with the paces,” He said. “My team mates kept encouraging me all the way. Being a choir member, I feel eager to win glory for the whole team,” he said.

The high table dinner is a wonderful stage for residents to showcase their talents. This is part of the reason why they felt like performing the choir in such an occasion. “This is exactly what I expected after practicing for so long. It was a fantastic stage that you just don’t want to miss it,” Yuan said. “I was much attracted by this song for the first time I heard it. As difficult as it was, I was determined to volunteer when Michael asked.”

“I didn’t realize how nervous I was until the end. Actually, my stomach ached during the choir, and it might be due to nervousness,” he added. “Generally speaking, I was satisfied with the performance despite a few flaws. After all, it was my first time to act on such a big stage and sing without the microphone.”

Both of them wish another opportunity to perform at the next high table dinner. “I wish I could still be on the stage next time. But other residents must want the opportunity too,” Huang laughed.

The band performed alongside Yuan and Huang are Teo Joann from Shun Hing College, David Wong from Lap-Chee College and Ruby Chiu from New College.

The Choir also performed the song Moon River at this high table dinner. The performers include: Dominic Yuen, Warren Cheung, Grace Keung, Vivian Seo, Yeji Park, Monica Borzijin and Vanisha Sharma from Shun Hing College, and Fan Vei Chen, Evey Tan, Minha Lee and Yan Lam from Chi Sun College.

The Residential Colleges Choir have performed in various college events previously including the high table dinner on November 18, 2012 and the first International Music Festival on April 6, 2013. More information about the Choir can be found here.