“Usagi will come rather close to the vicinity of the Pearl River Estuary tomorrow and on Monday and pose severe threat to Hong Kong. Under the effect of the astronomical high tide, storm surge induced by Usagi may also lead to flooding in low-lying areas tomorrow night. The public should remain vigilant, and take precautions against strong winds and flooding as early as possible.” – Hong Kong Observatory, 17:00, September 21, 2013.


Dear Shun Hing College (Block A) students,

Please note that super typhoon Usagi is expected to hit Hong Kong tonight (More information can be found HERE).

Go to THIS LINK to see class and exam cancellation information.

Here are some tips for you during Usagi:

* Prepare foods that need not be cooked – TODAY (earlier the better).

* Keep flashlights within easy reach.

* Stay inside the house and always keep yourself updated with the latest weather report.

* If safe drinking water is not available, boil water for at least 20 minutes. Place it in a container with cover.

* Check everything that may be blown away or turn loose.

* Do not use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded.

Link: Hong Kong Observatory

The function rooms will be open during the typhoon. If you need any assistance, please come down to the security counter at the lobby.

Hope you enjoy the typhoon experience in Hong Kong!

Best regards,
Shun Hing College (Block A) Tutor Team