Shun Hing College Alumni Spotlight

Once a SHCer, always a SHCer.

The Shun Hing College Alumni Spotlight features the stories of previous SHC residents in their time here at the College and beyond. By showcasing the accomplishments and expertise of our alumni, we hope that the SHC community is inspired to follow their example in making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Dr. Michael M. Manio

Lecturer – School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU
Social Media Influencer


“Embrace the pursuit of knowledge, compassion, and resilience, for it is through these qualities that we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others and shape a brighter future for generations to come.”

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Dr. Michael M. Manio graduated from HKU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, where he received The Outstanding Student for Leadership award. He then pursued his Doctor of Medicine degree and subsequently completed his Master of Health Professions Education with Cum Laude honors, all at the University of Santo Tomas.

Dr. Manio’s passion for research and academia led him to become a Presidential Scholar at UP College of Medicine, where he pursued his PhD in Biochemistry. Later, he transferred to HKU to pursue another PhD, this time in Vascular Pharmacology.

During his time as a Resident Tutor at Shun Hing College, Dr. Manio founded the International Music Festival and developed various activities and programs aimed at enhancing student welfare. In addition to his academic roles, Dr. Manio is a renowned researcher and writer, earning multiple awards for his contributions in these fields. He is frequently invited to speak about health promotion and awareness both locally and internationally.

Currently, Dr. Manio serves as a lecturer at the School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. He is also a social media influencer and vlogger with a YouTube channel called Health Talk by Dr. Mike, which has almost half a million subscribers. Furthermore, Dr. Manio is an Honorary Lecturer at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (LiPACE) and a Senior Resident Tutor at College 1 HKU JCSV IV, further showcasing his commitment to mentoring and supporting students in their academic and personal growth.

Left: Vivien Mao

Ms. Vivien Mao

Television Producer at The Littlefield Company


“Strong opinions, loosely held is an industry phrase I love. To me, that means having conviction, but being open-minded. Have the confidence to fight for your own opinions and passions, but be receptive to different viewpoints. This allows you to keep learning without losing what makes you valuable.”

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Vivien Mao is a television producer at The Littlefield Company and lived in Shun Hing College from 2014-2018 while studying for her BSocSc and LLB. The Littlefield Company, founded by legendary producer Warren Littlefield, has produced a number of award-winning, prestige TV series like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Dopesick,” “Fargo” and “The Old Man”. Vivien joined the company with a focus on sharing complex, entertaining global human stories that inspire conversation. She was honored on the 2023 Forbes Hollywood and Entertainment 30 Under 30 list and selected for the 2021 Colour Entertainment Mentorship Program, 2022 Colour Entertainment Leadership Program, and 2023 Reel Champions Mentorship Program. While at HKU, she was awarded the 2016 Serena Yang Award for Reaching Out by the Hong Kong government, recognizing her outstanding community work in documentary filmmaking in mainland China.

Ms. Andrea Qi

Executive Director at Goldman Sachs


“Embrace love, spread kindness, and uplift others.”

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Andrea Qi is an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, designing and implementing comprehensive talent development strategies and programs to foster employee growth, engagement, and retention. Prior to joining GS, she worked as a learning designer at HKU, creating engaging learning experiences using innovative technologies to enhance student engagement and educational outcomes. She is currently an advisory board member for HKU’s award-winning course Impact Lab. Andrea was a Resident Tutor at SHC from 2018-2020.

Ms. Vivian Seo

Executive Director at Foundation for Shared Impact


“No one person or even one organization can drive big change. I firmly believe in the values of shared impact achieved through personal and collective empowerment.”

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Vivian Seo stayed at Shun Hing College from 2013 to 2017. During her four years of stay, while SHC first got its name and opened up its College Hall, she devoted most of her non-study time to growing Schola Cantorum – the hall choir – together with its founding members.

After Vivian graduated with her bachelor’s degree majoring in BBA (Accounting and Finance), she worked at Goldman Sachs as a Compliance Officer for three years. Three years later, Vivian completely pivoted her career and became the Executive Director at Foundation for Shared Impact, a Hong Kong based charity that acts as the capacity builder and ecosystem facilitator for Hong Kong’s social sector for the betterment of all. She is growing her experience in managing projects and building communities. Together with an HKU friend, she also runs Gowld Art Centre which is a social enterprise that aims to bring arts closer to everyone’s life.

Mr. Dominic Yuen

Medical Laboratory Scientist
Clinical Embryologist


“Engage changes and follow what you want.”

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Dominic was a resident of Shun Hing College from 2013-2015. He received his Bachelor of Molecular Biotechnology from CUHK and his Master of Biotechnology from the Australian National University. Afterwards, he completed his MPhil in Reproductive Medicine at HKU.

During Dominic’s years in SHC, he was one of the founding members of the college choir Schola Cantorum and the part leader for tenor. He had the opportunity to contribute through several notable performances and was honoured to receive a third prize in an international choral singing competition held in Vienna.

Apart from his musical achievements, Dominic currently practices as a medical laboratory scientist and clinical embryologist. He established PICO Medical Laboratory, a clinical laboratory that provides medical services to healthcare professionals and those in need. Additionally, Dominic recognizes the importance of sports and exercise in improving individuals’ well-being. He is at an early stage of establishing a football team in his laboratory and is actively arranging football fixtures and related activities with the goal to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and community engagement.

The Shun Hing College Alumni Spotlight features the stories of previous SHC residents in their time here at the College and beyond. By showcasing the accomplishments and expertise of our alumni, we hope that the SHC community is inspired to follow their example in making a difference in the lives of those around them.

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