Shun Hing Exchange Scholarships 2023-24

The Shun Hing College Exchange Scholarship is awarded to second or third-year undergraduate students who will be partaking in academic exchange for a year to universities in Japan under the HKU Worldwide Exchange Scheme or faculty-level exchange programmes.

Nara Koyuki

-Exchange at the Kansai Gaidai University-

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to pursue my studies at Kansai Gaidai University. My decision to choose this university was driven by my interest in Japanese aesthetics and history, as I sought to delve deeper into the cultural underpinnings that have shaped Japan’s historical progression. By immersing myself in the study of Japanese art history and design aesthetics, I aspired to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s past trajectory from a cultural standpoint. Additionally, my appreciation for temples and shrines further fueled my fascination with unraveling the development of bygone eras through the lens of architecture and spiritual beliefs.

Furthermore, I assumed the role of a committee member of Japanese society in the preceding year. It was during this tenure that I became acutely aware of my passion for exploring Japanese social issues, particularly those pertaining to gender stereotypes and social status. Through my study abroad experience, I harbor the sincere hope of engaging with local individuals, both to gain firsthand insights into the expectations of contemporary society and to foster meaningful cross-cultural exchanges.


Yu Hang Chui Sally

– Exchange at the Rikkyo University-

I am a year three BA student majoring in Japanese Studies and Global Creative Industries at the University of Hong Kong. I consider myself an independent, unruffled, considerate, and conscientious person with high adaptability. I desire to discover new things and meet multicultural people with diverse backgrounds.

I am now currently participating in the full-year Japan exchange program at Rikkyo University and studying for marketing-related courses, a cultural Japan study program, and Japanese language courses. Besides that, I am enthusiastic about Music and fashion.

After two months of living alone in Japan, I am so glad I can have such a remarkable and marvelous opportunity to practice my Japanese and enhance my language skills, as well as my living skills and audacity. I owe much of this precious opportunity to HKU. Therefore, I can finally achieve my long-cherished dream of studying abroad in Japan. I want to explore a new environment and achieve a better goal. In addition to a fruitful academic year, I am looking forward to the upcoming and unrevealed new color in my life and making my best endeavors in the new life chapter.

Lastly, I also want to express my appreciation for awarding the scholarships. It can really help me to enhance the quality of my study abroad experience.