Joint-college Dance Team

Dance is the language we all share
Shun Hing College Dance Team aims to enrich the residents’ cultural experience by interacting with students from around the world through a creative medium: dance. Activities include:

● Learning choreography together
● Producing dance cover/choreography videos
● Performing in various Shun Hing College events (e.g. Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Music Festival and etc.)
● Organizing “Dancing Workshops”
● Collaboration with other student parties (e.g. organizing flash-mob event with event management team)

Sub-committee members

Sub-committee members will be recruited. Their major duties are to assist the committee members in all circumstances. For example, to design poster for publicity, to design the team shirt, etc.


1. All students from Shun Hing College are eligible to join the team
2. Members must be punctual for all practices and rehearsals
3. Members must come to all practices and rehearsals, unless with a valid reason.
4. In order to perform, members must have overall attendance more than 80% attendance for all practices and rehearsals

Tutor in Charge

Serene Tse, Resident Tutor

Student Leaders