Hiking and Camping Club

SHC Hiking Club was founded in 2016. We hope to form the team as the one aimed at encouraging the residents of SHC who loves hiking and climbing, to spend weekends for fun and health, and making friends with each other. Moreover, we would like to explore the other side of Hong Kong different from the urban and busy style. In order to form a united and global language applied team, we hope to attract the friends from different cultures and backgrounds to communicate. The sense of sports that is being weaved in the Shun Hing culture also encourages and supports the team to go ahead to organize better and more qualified events in the future years, providing the residents in SHC more chances to relax themselves in the nature via hiking sports.

Student Captain


Du Ruiqing (drq95@connect.hku.hk)




Ms. Yating Lin (u3008115@connect.hku.hk)


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