Shun Hing Exchange Scholarships 2022-23

The Shun Hing College Exchange Scholarship is awarded to second or third-year undergraduate students who will be partaking in academic exchange for a year to universities in Japan under the HKU Worldwide Exchange Scheme or faculty-level exchange programmes.

CHOI Tsz Ham, Hansen 

-Exchange at the University of Tokyo-

Year 3 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery  (MBBS)

I am now doing a full-year exchange programme at the University of Tokyo, studying a wide discipline of subjects, including Japanese language, global politics, Japanese architecture, and Asia-Pacific colonial history. I hope the experience can enable me to acquire a new foreign language, understand more about Japanese culture and society, and take a good rest before stepping into the clinical year.

Last year, I joined the University Chinese Orchestra as an erhu player and participated in several concerts. I was also a member of the Faculty’s student wellness team, assisting in organizing activities to promote the mental health of medical students. Due to the long commuting time between my home and the university, I stayed in Lap Chee College for a semester. It was a great hall experience of meeting foreign students and learning how to cook.


LEUNG Tsz Hey, Ally 

– Exchange at the University of Tokyo-

Year  Bachelor  (MBBS)

With my interest in Japanese queer literature and history, I decided to apply for the year-long USTEP exchange program offered by the University of Tokyo, aiming to study Japanese literature and Japanese society with a focus on gender studies.

After writing a research paper on Japanese queer history and the transformation of gender in Japanese society, I have developed a burning passion for gender studies and queer literature, and the process of researching and writing the paper has inspired me to consider pursuing an academic career in the future. During my summer breaks, I have also worked as a freelance journalist at the Initium Media and Being Hong Kong, and as a social media copywriter at RiceballerHK. In the future, I would like to pursue an academic career and conduct research in East Asian queer literature or continue to work as a freelance journalist focusing on lifestyle, culture, and literature in East Asia. My area of interest includes Japanese literature, queer studies, gender studies, art history, and cultural theories.


KWOK Wing Yee, Winnie 

-Exchange at the Kansai Gaidai University-

Year 3 Bachelor  (MBBS)

I am currently studying for a one-year exchange program in Kansai Gaidai University which is in Osaka. I am studying Japanese language and culture courses during my exchange period. Learning new language is an interesting thing for me and this is the reason why I chose Japan.

Thanks for the scholarship that I can make use of it and have better enjoyment during this year. For example, I can visit different traditional temples and museums here and the scholarship could help me reduce the burden of transportation fee as the transportation fee is expensive here. I can also use the scholarship to travel to somewhere outside Osaka to have more different experiences. I am grateful and looking forward to making use of the scholarship to enrich my study abroad life.