Shun Hing College Student Committee 2018-19

Of the students, by the students, for the students
SHC Student Committee 2018-19

The Shun Hing College Student Committee was formed from universally elected External Floor Representatives every year. Its aim is to work on students’ welfare and to coordinate inter-college/hall activities and events.

The organization structure of the committee includes an Executive Group, a Secretary Team, an Energy Conservation Team and a Student Affairs Team. The four main duties of the Student Committee are general counselling (i.e., collecting suggestions and complaints from students and work with the tutorial team); taking the initiatives on energy conservation projects; coordinating inter-college/hall events ­and assist intra-college/hall events and handling other prompt issues concerning students’ benefits and welfares. As students, we value our living experience in Shun Hing College and are willing to devote our efforts to creating a better one.


Name Floor Email
Kim Dahyun 6
LIANG Zurong 8
Antra Aseem Kapoor 9
Do Ye Lim 13
Jung Eun Joo 14
Woo Sau Man Clement 16
Zhao Jiuzhou 17


Name Floor Email
Wang Dawei 18
Jung Hyewon 22
Bae Seon Yeong 22
Zhao Chang 24
Chopra Amrita 26
Jeonghee Jung 26
Malik Muhammad Junaid Zubair 27

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