Residential Scholarships


Shun Hing College, a residential college for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, is committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community of students and scholars. In view of the University’s policy to promote internationalisation, the College strives to serve as a hub for academic and cultural exchanges with leading international institutions. 

The Shun Hing College Endowment Fund, generously donated by the Shun Hing Group, supports two Residential Scholarships. 

The Shun Hing College Residential Scholarship has been awarded since 2015 to international students under the Asian Future Leaders Scholarships Programme by Bai Xian Asia Institute as well as incoming exchange students from partner institutions in Japan.

The Shun Hing College Residential Scholarship for Sports Scholars has been awarded since 2019 to undergraduate students who were admitted through the Sports Scholarship Scheme administered by the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE).