Floor Representatives

Overall, the Floor Representatives (FRs) will be responsible for organizing and management of the floor, along with the Tutor in charge.

1. The voting/selection process for the FRs is outlined below:

Residents are encouraged to step forward as nominees. The nominees will then be put to vote, by show of hands. The nominee with the most number of votes, wins the election process.

  • If no resident steps forward, every resident will be put forward as a nominee. The election process will be by show of hands.
  • The nominee with the most number of votes is elected as Floor Representative.
  • Any volunteer, in the absence of which the nominee with the second highest number of votes will help the FR complete their duties/ responsibilities in case of their sickness/ absence due to any other reasons.

2. The basic responsibilities/ guidelines for FRs are as follows:

  • Conducting monthly floor meetings.
  • Collecting votes for election of Student Committee Members
  • Encouraging at least one activity amongst floormates on a monthly basis, such as dinner, hike, cookout or trip.
  • Maintaining floor fee fund, for extra groceries and toiletries.
  • Communicating with the Tutor in case of any difficulties, concerns or queries.
  • Assist the Tutor in the dissemination of information. as may be required through WhatsApp groups.