Running Club

Stop Wishing, Start Running

Are you an avid runner? Or do you want to get fit? SHC Running Club welcomes you! Our paced runs are suitable for runners of all fitness levels. Choose a run that you are comfortable with and come join us for a fun and enjoyable run. The dates and timings of runs are flexible and can be adjusted to fit the schedule of our members. Tell us your preferred time and schedule and we will find the best time to go for a run together!

SHC Running Club also aims to participate in upcoming running events around Hong Kong. Join us if you would like to train together or participate in events with us.

All you need is a pair of running shoes and show up for the run! Feel free to contact us by email at


Student in Charge

Mr. Samuel Cheung (


Dr. Mengxia Gao (


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SHC Running Club T-shirt

Come join us for our weekly runs and you will be entitled to your very own SHC Running Club T-shirt! Choose any running distance that you are comfortable with and come keep fit and have fun!