Shun Hing College Ultimate Frisbee Club

You can't buy happiness but you can buy a frisbee & throw it with friends and that's pretty close

Ultimate Frisbee (known as Ultimate) is a team sport which mixes elements of football, basketball and rugby, substituting the ball with a flying disc (Frisbee).

The game is played with a disc on a grass field and the objective is to score points by receiving the disc in the end zones by passing it among the players on a team.  If the disc touches the ground or is intercepted, possession switches to the other team who then has an opportunity to score by passing the disc into their end zone.  On a grass field, the game is typically played as 7 vs 7 players. 

Want to throw and catch a frisbee on a grass field? Want to run and keep fit? Want to make new friends and play together as a team? Ultimate frisbee may just be the game for you! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, come join us! 

We aim to provide Ultimate frisbee training sessions, play pickup games (anyone can join) and join external competitions as a team! 

Student in Charge

Yu Yifei, Edward (

Tutor in Charge

John Seow (


Join the SHC Ultimate Frisbee Club


Every Wednesday and Saturday, 7.30pm at Stanley Ho